Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shpongletron video challenge - introduction

Hello friends.
It is likely that you know something about this project already, if you are here, looking at this post.
It is likely that you desire more details, because, well - you want to show your video art on a really cool mapped structure in front of thousands of screaming Shpongle fans.

So here's the deal.  A bit of history first:
I've been approached by Shpongle's management to create an entirely new VJ/Lighting package for Shpongle's 2011 US Tour.  It is going to be a two-three story scaffolding structure, with custom metal wings and eye projection screens, screen-covered framing, a custom 3d logo/mask and a space in the middle for the DJ.
The entire structure is getting video mapped, so that the video projections go exactly where they need to go.  I am calling our new visual beast Shpongletron.

We are preparing to premier Shpongletron at two NYE shows in a few weeks, and at this point would love to open up this project to original video submissions.  If you can create video for Shpongletron - we would love to see it!  The more the merrier.  In return, if your video is featured in the show - I will gladly document it for you, and you will have an awesome resume piece to show off to everyone.  The best submissions could win some VIP passes to several Shpongle events on our tour, backstage and all.

To make this simple for all of you video designers, here are the details of what needs to be done:

Check up on our progress via our facebook photo album.
We are using ONE projection to cover everything, going at max resolution of 1024x768
We will provide the master mapping template image with perfectly defined boundaries of each object really soon (perhaps in two days).
Please communicate with me zebbler@gmail.com, subject line Shpongletron if you'd like to contribute any video.  Let me know if you want to develop something for a specific track, or just a loop for a specific element (i.e. a great loop for a wing could also be integrated into the event, no matter how short).
Here's the latest, very close to scale gridded map of Sphongletron, feel free to use that as a starting template:

Everything you see on the graph will get projected onto, the scaffolding (currently black in the image) will get painted white and can have separate projection elements for it.  In between the scaffolding we'll have screens, as well as in the back of it.  The wings and the eye will be covered in screens.  The mask/logo in the middle will be white and also getting projected onto.  We're currently developing a 3d model of the logo/mask to really take advantage of the mapping techniques.  The DJ booth will have screens on the sides/back as well.  Keep all of this in mind when designing a show or elements for the show.

One of our main inspirations for the project was this beautiful VJ performance/mapping:

Time is short!  Email me for more details, or check here for the master template file I will be uploading soon.  Or get started using our current template.

Godspeed, editors.

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